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Your Fast Start To Success!

Team Member Trainer - Built by Team Leaders for Referral Partners and Other Team Members!

Step 1) Watch This FAST START Tour Guide Video

Our Fast Start tour gives you an overhead view of where everything is! The FAST START Training video below covers many aspects of what you'll need to know about our team, your back office tools, and how to get set up quickly so you can operate your new business efficiently.




Step 2) Join The Accountability Group Chat

Add @1000 Partners Accountability Group, (formerly known as Capitalist Chat Group) to your WhatsApp. Be a part of the movement, a focused community of Capitalist Financial Referral Partners committed to impacting the lives of 1000's of Small Business owners.

Go to your app store and download 'WhatsApp', tap DOWNLOAD to install the app.
Search the name "1000 Partners Accountability Group" or request to be added from your team leader and they'll send you an invite.

1000 Partners Accountability Group

Don't have WhatsApp yet?
Download it.

Step 3) Join Your New Remote Sales
Team On Facebook

Be sure to join the teams Facebook Group and receive exclusive updates, tools, and pop up training workshops.
Search 1000 PARTNERS | Capitalist Financial, (formerly known as Capitalist Financial | Teams) on facebook and get added.

1000 PARTNERS | Capitalist Financial Group

Don't have Facebook yet?
Download it.

Step 4) Sign Up For Loan Broker Bootcamp

Get INSTANT ACCESS to our Onboard Training for all new Referral Partners.
Bootcamp introduces you to our service industry, all of our core products, and the marketplace that we serve.

and as a BONUS, we give you LIFETIME Membership to our MASSIVE private library of training material and resources. Acquire everything you need to be a Rockstar Loan Broker.

✔️Learn how to attract clients
✔️ how to prequalify them
✔️ how to pair products
✔️ how to get them closed, and...
✔️ how to get paid doing this every month.

In short, this is where you learn everything to operate your new business.

Be prepared to take notes. YOU WILL NOT find this content anywhere else on the internet. It will also likely be your first time getting introduced to these methods.

Just remember learning all of this is a new process, not a hard one...


**The Loan Broker Bootcamp, Loan Broker Masterclass and all of the Workshops are accessible in the MEMBERS ONLY Private Training Vault.

To get to the vault, visit your back office portal under menu selections. Look for the "Training Videos" tab at the very bottom, it's the last option. The content there is an accumulation of courses held by several instructors curated by admins here at Capitalist Financial.

The whole library is structured to give you a complete in depth training on how to be a well rounded loan broker who sets S.M.A.R.T. goals and achieves them.

Step 5) Enroll In Business Loan Basics

Step 6) Register For LinkedIn Lead Training

Step 7) Sign Up For The MCA
Success Blueprint

Step 8) Register For Commercial Real Estate Money Broker Training

Step 9) Register For Sales Training At Cardone University

Step 10) Book Your Fast Start Call

When you join Capitalist Financial as a Referral Partner you will get a FREE 15 minute Fast Start Call
to help you get off to a profitable start, redeemable with one of our Team Advisors.

STATISTICALLY, a Fast Start call is the difference between earning CASH in your first 30 days or not.

 Bookings are limited: 

Claim your spot on the calendar within the first 72 hours of enrolling as a partner or forfeit your FAST START call!

Last but not least...

Step 11) Get The Famous 'Capitalist Pig' Shirt

Wanna know who thinks like you do (or really doesn't)? This famous shirt will do most of your talking for you... Offend money-haters everywhere with our long-awaited, much loved and widely hated Capitalist Pig shirt. We know that buying and selling is the foundation of a healthy economy, and we Capitalist Pigs are out to do our part: get rich shamelessly and give back generously. So get on with your bad self in this tri-spun poly/cotton/rayon blend shirt of awesomeness. You’ll be brazenly comfortable with the lightly ribbed neck and tear-away tag, with the additional feature of making all the anti-money socialists around you cringe. #oink

That's it, everything else you need to know is in the back office portal.
IF you are committed to taking your new business to the next level, grab your username/password from the email we sent to you.
Tap the link below and head over to Our Partner portal. This is where the Private Training Vault is. Ooh la laaaa.

Step 12) Now It's Time To Login To Your Portal

The Clip You Are About To See Is A Part Of Our Weekly Q&A Call Which Is Available Exclusively To The Members Of Our Team Training

We are here to train you to be an effective Loan Broker in this industry. We encourage you to build a business inside our business, taking advantage of our resources. Once you are ready to take flight you will have the knowledge to do so. We support you through the entire process. Cheers to success. It's a win, win, win. Enjoy watching 🥂

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