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Our Business Financing Advisors will help you find the best financing options for your business to get you more funding, better terms, and lower interest rates. We're available to explain every step of the process from applications to your re-payment schedule!

Have Questions?
Speak with a Business
Financing Advisor today!

Our Business Financing Advisors will help you find the best financing options for your business to get you more funding, better terms, and lower interest rates. We're available to explain every step of the process from applications to your re-payment schedule!

Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Credit card stacking is the practice of applying for multiple credit cards in a particular order to access a more extensive unsecured line of credit. It works as an alternative financing solution for startups and small business owners, especially those who cannot qualify for a small business loan. To learn more complete our 15-second application

Credit card stacking works like an unsecured line of credit, where you use multiple credit cards to fund your business. The combined limits of your stack represent your unsecured line of credit, which is revolving and can be used repeatedly. You can either do credit card stacking on your own or work with a credit stacking company to help you get started with card stacking.

This practice is a decent alternative to a business loan or business line of credit—and it can even be an excellent option if you don’t have collateral to use for loans. However, because business credit card stacking involves an unsecured credit line, it is considered high risk for card issuers, so most typically require credit scores of at least 680 to qualify.

Capitalist Financial is a leader in alternative financing that can provide your business with the best loan options for startups. After a simple online application, you’ll be paired with a Business Financing Advisor that can help you get in order what’s needed to review financing options and terms.

Personal credit requirements includes having a 700 or better credit score, on time payments and at least a decent sized credit card, you can qualify for $50k to $500k in 0% Business/Personal credit lines/cards at 0% for up to 18 months.  Some qualifications require a verifiable personal income (w2 if employed, last 2 yrs taxes if self employed) and manageable personal debts you can qualify for up to $500k. Some will also require business financials. Business business bank statement deposits of $15,000 per month over the last 90 days there are loan options and of course with 2 years of profitable business/personal tax returns there are funding options up to $1 Million.

Every financing solution is unique, which is why Capitalist Financial provides a no-cost Business Financing Advisor to discuss your financing options and choose what makes the most sense for your business. To learn more, complete our 15-second online application.

Credit card stacking isn’t a viable funding strategy for every small business, but it sometimes makes sense. Here are some scenarios where using stacking is a reasonable option.

Businesses that can’t qualify for a loan, businesses with an urgent funding need, businesses with no collateral and startups are all examples or who could use a credit stack.

If you meet these standards, be sure to let your Business Financing Advisor at Capitalist Financial know. You may no-longer be considered a startup to some lenders, and get even better terms with flexible repayment options.

Credit cards are unsecured. You can usually take advantage of introductory APRs and various rewards and bonuses. At the same time, carrying available credit and paying off your cards can help establish and grow business credit.

Most credit cards provide fast approval and funding times. It can help quickly provide a line of credit.

Having multiple credit cards for business expenses also helps with budgeting and debt management. It provides greater flexibility in how and when you use your credit.

To get started, apply at the top of this page, or visit our simple 15-second online application. After your application is submitted, you will be paired with a dedicated Business Financing Advisor to discuss your cash-flow challenges and financing requirements. You can start getting financing options presented to you within hours, with flexible terms and high offers.

If you’ve been in business for less than 6 months, you are considered a startup. Banking institutions have even stricter requirements in terms of your time in business. That’s why applying with an alternative financing company, like Capitalist Financial, may be your best option to get the funding you need, as fast as possible.

In most cases, you’ll still need good credit, usually 680 or better. While introductory APRs can save money, the standard APRs are typically much higher than business loan interest rates.

Stacking credit cards means keeping track of different balances, due dates, and rewards programs. Monitoring the credit activity can be time-consuming and difficult.

Most cards require a personal guarantee, which is a promise to repay the debt even if the business fails. If you default on the business card debt, the credit card company could pursue the assets of the personal guarantor.

To go through a fast and simple process for business credit stacking, complete our 15-second online application. You can then speak with one of our Business Financing Advisors to determine if an Credit Stacking will be the best option for you, or if there are other financing options available.

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